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Legal document preparation service for all of your animal legal cases nationwide, at the fraction of the cost of an attorney.


Legal issues with animals can be extremely devastating.  Be it your companion animal, cat, dog, gerbil, bird or wildlife that you have been caring for, the emotional toll of saving and protecting them can be daunting. 

Our service prepares legal documents for any court challenge that might present.   Examples include:

  1.  Someone that you trusted with your animal, dog or cat or whatever companion animal, now will not give you the animal back.  This person could have been a foster, transporter, groomer, boarding facility, or pet sitter.  The police are telling you, "it's a civil matter."  That's where we come in!  First we will explore whether that decision was valid and then we will pursue the steps necessary in getting in court, in front of a judge, to get your precious baby back.

  2.   Animal control has seized your dogs or cats for whatever reason:  (a) they came to your house and seized the animals with false charges; or (b) they took your dog with the accusation that your dog was "aggressive" and they are threatening to kill your animals.  Emergency legal document preparation measures are necessary.

  3. Perhaps there is a wildlife issue near your home that you would like to see go a whole different way.  Perhaps they are killing wild animals like geese or other small animals like raccoon, opossum, woodchuck, gophers, etc., and you would like to see that they are not killed and relocated instead - we can get this to court to discuss with a judge and hopefully overturn.

  4. You might be in a dispute with your veterinarian.  You have contacted the veterinary board to no avail. 

  5. A police officer, animal control officer, or neighbor has killed your dog or cat and they have not been held accountable by either being fired or arrested.

  6. A rogue "sanctuary" or "shelter" or "rescue" or animal control facility that is presenting fraudulently, is really harming or neglecting animals and taking monies from the public and they should be shut down and/or arrested.

  7. You have laws in your town such as anti-"pit bull" laws or anti-"feeding cats" laws that you would like to overturn.  We can get that to court.

All of these situations have come across our desk and we are ready to prepare the legal documents that you need to get your case to court immediately.  We have many years experience in this field and in rescue.  We know these issues better than your local attorney.  HOWEVER, we DO recommend that if you have an attorney that can represent you in a court of law that that would be the better option if you can afford it.  If that attorney should choose to have us prepare the legal documents on the issue (since we have so many years experience in this field) we will help the attorney.

Since we are a legal document preparation service, we prepare these legal documents for you to appear "pro se" (yourself) in a court of law.  We do NOT offer legal advice but only advice based on our own personal experiences in and around rescue for decades.  We encourage you to seek the advice of an attorney in your legal matters.  When you have decided what you need to do (such as get your dog back) contact us immediately and the documents will be prepared.

Many times these issues involve the life and death of an animal.  We are prepared to act quickly to get you to court as soon as possible. 

We charge a flat fee.  There is never an hourly rate.  This flat fee will be a fraction of what an attorney would charge you. 

We prepare these documents in EVERY STATE IN AMERICA.  As legal preparation experts in the field of animals, we do not have the barrier that attorneys have in being unable to prepare documents in a state where they do not have ability to approach the bar.

You will ALWAYS have the cell phone of the paralegal assigned to your case and it does not matter how many months or even years it takes for the case to be solved.  We will complete the goals that we set out in the contract no matter how long it takes.  Why? Because we love animals and we believe that animals should have rights in a court of law.



“I used the service of and they definitely saved the life of a dog named Leah.  Animal Control seized the dog on false charges and they prepared the case perfectly for her release.  They were fast, friendly and super professional from the moment they started.”

Toni Magro




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